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I am by no means a yogi, in fact, I can't even touch my own toes, but every few months I treat myself to a yoga class. I usually go with friends in the city but being home for the holidays, and my gym being closed on Christmas, I gave Bikram Rosalyn a shot...since they were the only place open.

$25 for one class is a bit pricey (I usually pay $7-15 in Manhattan), but you truly get a quality, non-hipster experience. Judy was the instructor for the 7:30am class and she was excellent. She's so friendly, knowledgeable, and she really gets to know her clients. The studio is clean and welcoming, you can rent towels and mats, and when it's over, they bring out wet, cold towels that smell like lavender.
Jackie S.
Bikram Roslyn is definitely as good as it gets. The owners Jamie and Jen are very welcoming. The studio is large and spotless.My class today with Adil is the best I have attended anywhere in or out of the US. All the instructors are excellent and give it their all.
Top, top Bikram studio, it always smells great. Quite a hot studio so make sure to be hydrated. Nice showers and changing room as well. People are friendly.
I just can't say enough about Bikram Roslyn!
Suzie S.
I love this place! The studio is incredibly clean; it doesn't smell musty, like many other bikram studios. The instructors are warm and encouraging, as are the owners and other yogis. It's like one big happy family.
Nancy L.
I have been going to Bikram Yoga Roslyn for several months now and have had the opportunity to visit other studios when I travel. Based on these travels, I can tell you that this is a VERY nice studio. It looks like it is brand new! They have a super high tech heating/air filtration system and a non-smelly yoga carpet which is actually quite nice (= not gross!). Most importantly, the instructors and management are super nice, helpful and supportive. I just left class a little while ago where I was touching my exactly forehead to my exactly knee and I feel amazing.
Lou M.
On a recent visit with family on Long Island I decided to try a local Bikram studio instead of taking the weekend off from my normal practice. So glad I did! The studio is newer, very well decorated and immaculate. The owner, Jamie, has done a wonderful job of making the studio a tranquil space while still bringing in some up-to-date technology (making reservations online is very easy and convenient). Jamie, and my instructor Jenn made me feel very welcome, even knowing that I was just visiting the area. I had a small moment of disappointment when I saw that the floor in the yoga room was hardwood, only to be surprised to feel the softness when I stepped into the room. The floor is a new material (printed to look like a hardwood floor), not really carpet but soft and somewhat giving, with great grip so no sliding around.
The temperature in the room was perfect. Hot but never overwhelming. Probably right up there at 105 where it should be but the air circulated well so it never got oppressive. My home studio is in a big old mill building and the temperature usually runs about 100/101 so it took a few minutes to get use to the added few degrees.
Looking forward to my next trip down, I think this is going to be my new routine when I'm in town.
Beth R.
Tonight was my first time doing hot yoga and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even though I left light headed and nauseous). The studio itself is very spacious. There is plenty of room for each student to place their mats and have enough space to move around.

I'm taking advantage of their unlimited 3-week pass since it is so cheap..$49.

Stay hydrated during the class and bring towels! You'll need one for the class and another just to put in the car. You will be drenched by the time you leave!
Jess C.
Yesterday was my first session at this studio and everyone was very nice and accommodating. Brian was wonderful! I have been to several Bikram studios and this one was definitely perfect! I highly recommend this studio!!!
Jennifer M.
I come here for the Bikram's yoga :-) The instructors here are amazing! Been doing yoga for years, and have never been able to find a studio that was a perfect fit. Have some back issues and other things that yoga helps out with, the classes help tremendously. One work of caution: don't pop a pain killer then come to class. the heat in the room will make you feel totally out of it. Hope to start my work study here soon :-)
Miriam G.
Lovely studio, great instructors and staff. Most importantly, it's clean! I love coming here, it's just that parking is crazy. Coming 20 mins or more before class might get you a spot!
Jessica H.
This studio is very nice, roomy and welcoming. The shower areas are so lovely and clean! Such a nice departure from the ones in the city that are always so crowded (and often smelly).
Ms. L.
Highly recommend for all people with different types of flexibility. I usually go to Herald Square at weekend or Friday for my Bikram yoga classes which I enjoy very much but I always want a Long Island studio near my home for my weekdays classes that is clean, comfortable and modern environment. Luckily, I found the Bikram Yoga Roslyn with my google search and tried it out the same day. I purchased their 7 day unlimited pass for $ 25 which is a good deal at any point. I will be buying their regular class for sure after I finish my 7 consecutive day yoga classes.
Ai J
I’ve been doing Bikram yoga for several years now off and on and most of the time I have gone to the city for lack of a welcoming clean environment on Long Island. I’m a huge fan and have seen and felt amazing benefits through this particular type of yoga practice, my absolute favorite. There is hot yoga and then there is Bikram. I always stick to Bikram because I know the instructors are well certified to teach and will make sure you are doing everything correctly. That being said, I decided to give this place a shot since it was great to see a studio so conveniently close to me. So I took the hubby, who is also a fan and we went together to check it out. Wow, I am so impressed with the cleanliness of the place, the little details like the beautiful showers that are so pristine you actually want to stay and take a shower…rare for a Bikram studio. The studio itself is clean and smells good….that’s right I said it smells GOOD!!!
Monica H
Full Locust Pose at Bikram Yoga Roslyn in Roslyn, NY
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Let me start by saying I’ve never ever given a business five stars, ever. I’ve done bikram all over the island, manhattan, on the west coast and even overseas and this place is by far the best studio I’ve been to.
My friend and I stopped by your studio this weekend. From out of town and staying locally. Steven was an amazing instructor! We are active yogis and have had a not so wonderful experience with Bikram yoga in the past. Now, we have a whole new appreciation for it. Wish we could have taken Steven back to West Chester PA with us! Love that your studio works with compassion. His cues were right on target and his ability to encourage us all to go to our edge was not met with any resistance. I will be back again next time I am in town. Wonderful experience. Peace!
S. Callahan Doll